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  Coach Charles Holloway

A retired US Air Force Veteran of 23 years. In addition to serving his country, he has coached and trained hundreds of high school athletes whom most have played for Division I and II men's and women's Collegiate Basketball. He holds a Master's of Science in Management and Leadership degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  

Coach Holloway is known among EYBL, AAU coaches and collegiate organizational leaders to be an excellent basketball skills trainer and coach.  He's had the honor and privilege to train the legendary Philadelphia Belles EYBL and work with the Hall of Fame coach, Theresa Shank Grentz.   


All Air Force Basketball Team, SEMAC Basketball Champion 1992, WAMAC Basketball Champion 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997. 

Contact Mr. Holloway (206) 822-0733.  


Philosophy of Educational Leadership

Our philosophy of educational leadership is to educate, encourage and empower individuals to become intrinsically motivated, find their purpose and vision, and to operate in excellence with everything they do. 

Philosophy of Leadership

Our philosophy of leadership is designed to foster/create a learning and diverse culture that will give student athletes the tools and resources to pursue their passion in excellence. This philosophy is important because it creates an atmosphere of trust and builds team member relationships through the sharing of knowledge at all levels and stages in life.

Servant Leadership

To be a leader, one must have a passion for serving others before themselves. The servant leaders concept stems from the idea of personally diminishing private ambitions to elevate others to greatness by removing the barriers and roadblocks to long-term success.